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R.I.P. Shield

R.I.P. Shield is a protective PVC rockshield that is utilized in place of select back fill for distribution and service lines up to 2" diameter.

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The R.I.P. Shield Advantage

  • Can eliminate the need for select back fill.
  • Ensures a full protective encirclement for PE gas mains and services, water and sewer piping, triplex electrical cable, coaxial cable, and fiber optic conduit.
  • Protects from rock migration and soil erosion sometimes associated with select back fill.
  • Maintains consistent and uniform installation.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces waste (excess select fill material).
  • Provides a protective color-coded warning barrier.
  • Provides an insulator between carrier pipe and tracer wire.
  • Prevents damage to pipe/cable surface resulting from hand excavation.

"We have used the R.I.P. Shield from Tuff-N-Nuff and we are pleased with its performance. Here are a few reasons why we feel it is beneficial to have in our toolbox:"

  • Yellow color matches the industrial color code and it is highly visible
  • Open weave texture that won't block cathodic protection
  • Rolled in convenient weight that is easy to lift and carry.
  • Pre-folded design will cover over and under the pipe and stay put during construction.
  • Flexible enough to be applied to runs of pipe that change direction, either by fittings or through pipe sweeps.

Richard Desko
System Planning/Operations Engineering
Rochester Gas and Electric Corp.

Why should I use R.I.P. Shield?

  • Easy to install: Flexible, no need for strapping.
  • Easily removed for future tie-ins and repairs.
  • Porous / Does not trap water.
  • Product design easily supports double wrapping should extra protection be required.
  • Ideal for URD (Underground Residential Development) / Common Trenching.
  • Eliminates environmental concerns resulting from off site disposal of excavated spoil.
  • Convenient size rolls.

R.I.P. Shield vs. Select Fill

Tuff-N-Nuff / R.I.P. Shield = 95% material cost / 5% labor (average installation time for a 60' service = 10-15 minutes)

Select Fill = +/- 40% material cost / +/- 60% Other (Labor, equipment etc.)

Product Description / Specifications: R.I.P. Shield for up to 2" O.D. carrier

  • 11mm thick PVC strand extruded
  • Patented mesh design
  • Standard roll length: 60 ft
  • Standard roll diameter: 24"
  • Standard roll weight; 0.825 lb per square foot / 50 lbs per roll
  • Impact Strength (ASTM G14)
    A load of 200 pst reached a maximum penetration of roughly 50% within 48 hours at 75 degrees F
  • Compressive Strength (ASTM D1621)
    90 psi @ 50% deformation
  • Exceeds standards per ASTM B395
    0.010" maximum permenant deformation @ 111 psi
  • Color: Third party identification per international industry color code standards (i.e. Gas/Oil: Yellow, Electric: Red, Telecommunications & Cable TV: Orange, Water: Blue, Sewer: Green)

Why use R.I.P. Shield instead of large diameter casing?

  • Should the carrier ever leak, the casing will transfer the gas away from its point of origin. Inherent problems are created as a result of gas leak migration. (Gas Industry)
  • Must insert carrier into casing prior to service connection
  • Must ensure the casing is watertight. Should water penetrate the annular space and freeze, the carrier pipe could potentially be squeezed and restrict the flow of gas. (Gas Industry)
  • Removal of PE casing for tie-ins or repairs can be difficult and potentially damaging to carrier pipe. (Gas Industry)
  • Handling of casing reduces the amount of carrier pipe the service crew can haul.

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